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Digital Detox

Digital Detox, Yes you will soon find these words in the English Dictionary, boxes offering cures in everyone’s medicine cabinet and books being written by celebs telling how you can do it.…

Does your other half (or you) spend every waking hour on the phone checking, texting, on the laptop answering emails…… is the tv on in the background and yet the technology is in your hands or in your laps when someone  goes to speak they are  told “ hang on hun just let me do this…………”

Is your phone charging beside your bed and if you can’t see it for 1 minute you are desperately shouting MY PHONE ….IVE LOST MY PHONE…..

You need a Digital detox……

Book a day off and come to North Norfolk, the internet is rubbish no phone signal. 4G don’t make me laugh 1G is pushing it.

Take a long walk on the beach, take in some real unpolluted air…..walk in the woods and let the trees which  are often considered the lungs of the Earth, inhaling the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and exhaling harmless chemicals like water vapour and oxygen wash over you.

Go for a  relaxing swim ,relax in a hot tub looking at the stars…..Go for a healthy lunch, chat with your friends have a laugh and catch up on their lives do anything that brings a smile to your face just don’t use technology….. Try it for a few hours build up to a day, and then book a night away and don’t use it for a whole 36 hours.

The rewards will be plentiful. You will feel very righteous. Your brain will reward you too with inspirational thoughts, and ideas even solutions to things that have been troubling you helping you make decisions you have been putting off.

It will let you reconnect with those around you. Look into your loved ones eyes when they speak and not down at your lap top. It may even help you fall in love all over again….see your children with different eyes too, not as a nuisance or a hindrance but as funny interesting little souls who just want your attention.

Put a post it note on the fridge to give a digital detox a try you won’t be sorry. I’d love to know how you get on.



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