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Family Hotel accommodation in north Norfolk

Here at Felbrigg Lodge we are pleased to announce that we will have 2 new rooms in 2016. Visitors in 2016  looking for family hotel accommodation in North Norfolk will have two new luxury units to enjoy.

Felbrigg Lodge Hotel will then have a total of 12 En Suite rooms with a capacity of 34 guests.

The New Rooms will each have 3 Bedrooms and a recent young guest to the hotel came up with their names. Skye decided they should be called Squirrel and Owl.

Skye is in Squirrel class at her school in Croxley Green Hertfordshire (they recently changed the classes from numbers to woodland animals as part of their woodland theme).
The school has a wooded area with a lookout so that the children can see birds, squirrels and other animals in their natural habitat.
They also have chickens and grow vegetables in their garden  Skye loves being outdoors so had a fantastic time at the hotel and is so excited that she has named our new lodges.
Skye’s mum was pleased to hear of this new family hotel accommodation in north Norfolk and is looking forward to being one of the first guests in 2016

Each unit will be able to accommodate six guests. There will be 2 bedrooms and a further double bed that will fold down into the lounge area. They will have one en suite master room and one family bathroom.

Guests will also be able to enjoy our indoor heated pool sauna and hot tub as well as our gardens and the beautiful grounds of Felbrigg park the national trust property at the end of our driveway.
In speaking with our guests many have said how hard it is to find hotel accommodation in north Norfolk  for families and we hope with our existing rooms and these new high quality units we will answer this need.
 Construction work started in early December and  weather permitting we hope to have the rooms ready for Easter 2016. We will keep you up to date on our blog with the progress of the building of the lodges so look out for future posts.



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