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First Breakfast together

First Breakfast together. It’s time to take this new relationship/friendship to another level, but are you ready to put your toe in the water. You enjoy each other’s company and yes your stomach has butterflies when you meet and you look forward to the texts throughout the day, but that next step it’s a big one.
Where should it be when you decide to have your first breakfast together?

Do you book a night away, or book a small break away where the whole emphasis isn’t on the bedroom but on the quality time spent together and who knows maybe being away from the photos of your past life sitting on the mantelpiece, your past life breathing down on you from every room, or from someone popping around to see you at an embarrassing moment may just give you the space to kick back and breathe and take the next step in this exciting game of chess.

Whatever the reason for your last relationship no longer being there whether a divorce or a bereavement moving on is fun but also challenging and frightening. It’s a really big step.

Book a hotel where you can have two bedrooms not separate bedrooms, so if you bottle it at the last moment you can still have your space. Plan to go for walks, look at the sea, have a swim together go in the hot tub and let the bubbles take your stress and worries away. Book a few spa treatments to relax you even more.

Eat dinner early, the last thing you want is indigestion and heartburn when you return to the room.

Have a drink but not too much a glass for Dutch courage is good but being legless is not a good look, and you don’t want to spend your first night together hugging the toilet bowl.!!!!!! and not each other.

Go somewhere where neither of you have been before so you can make memories together and that place can be your special get off the world place. Where you return time and time again and it becomes part of your new story. DeeDee


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